2019 Rental prices

Prices are shown here as a guide only and are subject to change. Rental time MUST include all set up and pack away time (as you will still be using the hall and electricity, water etc.).

Room Tariff per hour
Community* Private/ agencies
Main Hall/Function Room £20.00 £30
Meeting/Activity Room £10.00 £20
Schools rate Meeting room £15, Hall £25
Sports Teams (Fields & changing facilities) £600 per team, per season
Whole Park £55 – £465 /day

* Community use is registered Community Interest Group (CIG) only.

Prices are shown as a guide only and are not confirmed until your booking is accepted. Terms and conditions apply. Bradley Park and Bradley Park Community Centre is run by charity volunteers on a not for profit basis. Charges are not negotiable. A deposit or bond is normally required to cover any damages.